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Christian Reggae MP3 Links
This is going to be the biggest Christian Reggae MP3 links page on the Internet that I know of!
I would like to say for the sake of the Artists, please if you find a Song on MP3 that you like, buy the CD!!
I can assure you that there are no Christian Reggae Artists getting rich by making the music that we love, so please support them! I hope that this page will be a blessing to all! Particularly the Artists! This list will change from time to time. Hopefully more artists will take advantage of this Media and make some of their work available to us in this format...... OK here is the current list. Oh yeah if you know of ANY MP3s by Christian Reggae, Traditional Ska, Dancehall, Dub, Gospelypso, Soca, Artists that are not in the list, let me know please!!! These are listed in no particular order, it is just a glimpse into the Bookmarked Sites of Soul Decision Christian Reggae Massive.

an absolutly huge amount of music!

Christafari and Friends Dancehall Baptism
Whole Album!

Africa Annointed
This is a Jungle/Reggae Song from Mark Mohr, Stitchie and Limit X

Red Cloud W/Tansoback
Musical Aggression

the Whole Gospel Debut album

Junior C

Power to Love

Blessing U. Heaven
The Devil Played you for a Fool

As For We

Gospel in Motion
He'll Pick You Up
To Know God More

Noel Rose
Satan You Lost

I WIll
My Generation

Pops The Prophet
Adam Hiding

The Message is Love

Solid Foundation

Richie Righteous and Yankee B
Don't Judge
No We Don't-Yes We Do

Chopper Ranks
A Medley and a Compilation (Samples)

S.T.A.R. Network Artists!!!
Too many to list! You must check this page!

Apostle Solomon Jabby
You can find his whole Album here!

Righteous Riddims
His entire Album!

Wayne Stoddart

Judy Bailey
MP3 Sample Partials

MP3 Sample Partials

David Mporampora
His Whole African Praise/Reggae/Pop Album

Roots and Akcent
the Whole Keeping it Real Debut

Living Lights
two downloads but also streaming samples

Tribe Of Judah Annointed Reggae Band
Ok Dread
Reality School

The Israelites
12 Tribes
Promised Land

The Vessels
Samples of thier whole album

Most of His Tough CD!!!

Nuff Roots MP3s!!!!!

House Of David
It makes me weep, but streaming only....

The Following two artists are Dub Reggae Artists who believe that Jesus Christ is our Saviour.
Other than that, I know very little about these artists beliefs.  I like thier music and I'll allow you to decide for your self.
Holy Warrior

Iyesus Dread