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ChRistian Reggae Massive
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Welcome to the Soul Decision Christian Reggae Massive Web site. Come in look around, sign the guest book, and go to the radio station and listen to some of the best in Sanctified Reggae. What? You haven't heard of Christian Reggae? Well this site is for you. While not the definitive or most complete in the genre it is growing all the time so visit often. More and more Traditional Ska, Roots, Dancehall coming soon. So all dem ruffnecks come big Him up massive........respect!!!!!!!
 Jesus Is The Conquering Lion
Of The Tribe Of Judah!!!
Christ is also the Lamb who was slain, who is worthy to open the Seven Seals of Revelation!!!!                                                                        

The Message of Salvation

Come Listen to dis mon!
Soul Decision Christian Reggae Massive Radio

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