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Related Links

Salvation and Truth Alliance of Reggae is an organization of People involved in Christian Reggae, Musicians  D.J.s, Promoters, Committed fans.....STAR is an incredible org. The STAR store is new and improved! There are new CDs and Cassettes for sale from Christian Reggae Groups covering a variety of styles, from Roots to Dancehall. From Ska to Dub. The STAR store is the newest place available to get a copy of some of the best in Christian Reggae and Ska. Go directly to the Store click here!  The STAR site is being redesigned and moved to a new location. When it moves I'll be the first to let you know. Nice ups go to Mark Ragsdale for the help with site.

Home page of Christafari. It has great sections and articles on many related issues. A truly great site for anyone interested in Christian Reggae.........

This is the home page of the record label of Christafari, Stichie, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. It is an absolute bookmark page. Lion of Zion has the most complete Christian Reggae Store on the Net. Do Not Miss This One.... and now they have a forum/message board that you can come and express yourself on!

Chevelle Franklyn!!!! Nuff Said!!!

Sherwin Gardner
Sherwin is one of THE TOP Djs, Producers, Writers, Performers in Gospel Reggae. He MUST NOT BE MISSED!

Geneman is one of my favorite Reggae Artists. His music has been a blessing from the first time that I heard it. He has a new CD about to hit. Check out his site!

Glory Music is the record label for  Carlene Davis, Ziggy Soul and other Christian Reggae Artists. Check it out.

The Israelites are my favorite Ska band. Their sound is so authentic and cool. They have just released their latest CD titled Roots. I understand that they went to great measures to reproduce the Studio One sound.  I have just added Roots to the Show. Also listen for Ska tracks from Freedom Sounds Vol. 1 & Authentic Sounds Vol. 1. I think that this band is vital to a complete Christian Reggae Collection. Their music explores the Roots of the Roots......Not enough of this stuff being done! Also check out their Record Label Site. Click here to go there......

Youth Exodus is currently working on a new CD that I am sure will be a big hit! They are a very tight Reggae band, in thier own right but they are working with some members of Big Mountain, so I know it is gonna be awesome!

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Jah Pickney is amazing. Awesome talent obviously from God. He was instrumental in winning Stichie to Christ while on a mission trip in Jamaica. Tim Linnard was given the name Jah Pickney by Tansoback of Christafari.  His new CD "From the Heart" by far his best stuff!!!

Roots and Akcent is two bredren who upcoming in dis ting here. They have just released a CD titled "Keepin it Real" It has recently been added  to the Soul Decision Christian Reggae Massive Radio Show.

Wayne Stoddart
Wayne Stoddart is an Awesome Christian Reggae Artist. I have just recently been introduced to his music. I love it's deeply spiritual message....Wayne is obviously a man in Love with God. Nice ups for the CD, Wanye. Click on the Yard Flag Banner to visit his site.....

Bob Riley and the Fishers
Bob Riley and the Fishers have created the most unusual Christian Reggae that I think I've ever heard. Most of his tracks are the Spoken Word of God laid over drums and Reggae Riddims. Check out their site, click de flames....

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Obedience is an AWESOME Christian Reggae Band from Puerto Rico, their bilingual vibes draw people from all ethnicity. They have a very Rootsy sound that I love.... I have a couple of their songs on the show, but I'm excited  that soon I'll have the whole CD to share with you!!!! They are going to be huge.....mark mi word Iyah!!!!!

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Main Street Gospel
Under the very experienced leadership of Danny Browne, Main Street Music has become a Christian Reggae power house. This is the Record Label for Chevelle Franklyn, Jr. Miller, Jr. Tucker, Mr. Goddy Goddy, Prodigal Son. With more coming these guys are setting the streets on fire with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!

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Apostle Solomon Jabby
Apostle Solomon Jabby is a Dubwise Roots Reggae artist whose Dubs are some of the best that I've heard. His music has arrived! Be among the first to listen to this awesome Dub artist! This just in (Tues. Oct. 16, 2001) Apostle Solomon Jabby now has full length MP3 Available!!!!! check him out on I wont make you work for it here is the link! The latest news on APJ is that he has got his CD for sale on Lion of Zion and it has been a great success! It is the talk of the Dub scene all over the net! I bet people are amazed to find out this guy has a straight forward Christian Message! It is awesome stuff that you won't believe!!

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Kay Morris and the Jewels
Kay Morris and the Jewels, are Gospel Reggae group from Canada, that have a great Roots/Gospel sound. Their CD  Pray a Prayer for Me as just been add to the Show! Listen for it!!! And check out their site.

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Bob David
Bob David since coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ has put out some really great Christian Reggae.  If you have never heard it you are missing out!!!! Dancehall and Roots!!!

Tribe of Judah
Annointed Reggae Band and Show
Tribe of Judah is a band that I have just recently heard about.  Their latest CD is out.  It is a Roots sound from Southern Ca. with a defintly cool vibe! Listen for it on the show!!! Big ups, Papa Dread!!

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Jamba was born in Jamaica and has lived in Bermuda for most of his life. His stage name comes from the mixture of the two.   It is some of the best Christian Reggae that I have heard to date. I'm sure this one is going to stay playing for a while!!!! Listen for Jamba's music on my show is GOOD! Nuff Respect Horace fi sendin mi de CD!!!!

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The Few
The Few are a tight, Alternative, band from Jamaica! I know this is a Christian Reggae Site! But that's why I've included them on my site. They are working on some new Reggae material that I am hoping will be as good as their Alternative work. I guess my  reaction to them as a Christian Alternative Band from Jamaica is similar to the reaction that I get from the uninformed when I say Christian Reggae. Jaw Drop!! Check them out, they are a great band and I am working on getting them for the show! de Few a rock Seen?

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The Vessels
Do you miss the sound the sound of 60's and 70's Reggae? Then you MUST check out The Vesels! They are a Christian Reggae Band from California that send you back to the Roots! Their music so far has proven hard to come by....but I'm working on it! I've got my hands on a copy of one song, called Tall in the Saddle. It is an instrumental.....Also check out their side Project of some of their members called Dub St. Rockers.  I want to get more of these guys. The authenticity of their sound will take you way back!

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Zema is probably one of the most critcally acclaimed Artists on this page. She has recieved good reviews from countless Secular Reggae critics! Her CD "A Look at the Heart" also been reviewed by Mario Rocha of Living Stones (an Up and Coming Christian Reggae Band) on the Album Review Page on this site. I have a copy of "Look at the Heart" on my show but more a soon come!

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Heaven Bound
Heaven Bound is a Christian Reggae Band from Germany. They have a very developed sound....surprisingly authentic sound. You might have heard their music on the Compilation CD Dancehall Baptism, with Dr. Ring a Ding. I have  both of their CDs! They are a great band!

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D-Revelation is a Christian Reggae/Punta Rock Band from Belize, where they are a household name! They are known for a very upbeat message and very good live performances. I'm looking forward to adding their latest CD soon..... Check 'em out and expand your Reggae horizons!

Richie Righteous
Richie Righteous is one of the best Hip Hop/Reggae artists on the Planet! If you have listened to my radio much then you already know! But if you are unaware, definitly go to my MP3 links page and check him out. The first time that I heard his stuff on Raggamuffin Hip Hop, I was blown away!!! This website has just been put up, so when you go check it out and tell him how you found it!

Osmond Collins
Osmond Collins is one of the newest Christian Reggae Artists making a splash! He is one of best out there. His music can be heard on the Radio Show so look for it and if you like it go to his website and purchase a copy of Walk the Walk...

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